Weird Things That Couple Do (That Are Actually Normal!)

Weird Things That Couple Do (That Are Actually Normal!)

If you’re in a relationship — or have ever been in one — you know that couples do some pretty weird things. Here are a few of those weird things that couples do that seem a little wacky, but really are actually normal.

1. Using the bathroom at the same time

You’ve reached the point where it doesn’t bother you that your partner is in your ‘sanctuary’. In fact, you do enjoy the company some time. Basically in a multitude of different combinations involving the shower, sink, and toilet.


2. You do laundry checks

Sniffing each other’s underwear, work shirts and it’s not a sex thing. It’s about cleanliness. You know how your partner smells and by taking a big whiff it doesn’t really seem that gross. Except for those few times when it’s very gross, sweaty and you’re working “how is it possible that a human smell like rotten cheese curds?”


3. Inspecting each other’s weird hair and bodily growths.

Spotting that ingrown beard hairs, new moles, or even an unusual back pimple are something that couples in long relationships do. You have been so closed to each other and know their bodies like the back of your hand — and any new or weird growth will go through your inspection first hand.


4. Taking platonic showers

Unlike steamy movies, taking showers together doesn’t always end up with sex. There are times where it’s just conversational showers, still-half-asleep showers, or simply saving the water bill showers. After all, the magic of warm water and suds are wasted on you two (Or you’ve come to realize what all adults must learn someday: Shower sex is the worst)


5. Giving each other the weirdest nicknames

We’re not talking about Honey, or Babydoll, or Pumpkin. Those are straight off safe. We are talking about those handfuls, magical nicknames where you call each other in private. “Chicken Nuggets”, “Fart Queen”, “Chompbowow”…


6. Farting and burping all the time

It’s true after those amazing few months of charms and sparkles, you start farting in front of each other all the time. We’re human and it happens!


7. Sexy dancing for each other

Unless you are a dancer by nature, chances are the moves you and your partner have been doing for each other are neither sexy, nor dances. Nonetheless, in the couples’ eyes, those moves are drop-dead A-Stage quality sexy dances.


8. Speak in your own language

You and your other half have your own shorthand, replacing certain words with your own. It comes naturally whenever you’re speaking or texting. When you’re with others, you have to constantly remind yourself not to talk in your secret language, because chances are, no one would understand a thing you both were talking about.


9. Taking a dump with the door open

Oh that stinky air that roams around? You knew within a blink of an eye that he/she was using the bathroom. Many long-term couples go to the restroom with the door open, and till today, we are still figuring out why we do what we do.


10. Constantly revealing too much info

After a year or so together, you might have at least a conversation about your poop habits/vomiting or some other gross things you’ve done. By the three year mark, it’s a regular part of the conversation. When you’ve been together for long, is there such a thing as too much information? We’ll never know.