The 12 Step To Achieving Work-Life Balance

We tend to justify stress especially if it contributes to our livelihood and overall productivity, but just how much is too much? When you are in doubt, have a look at the 12 steps you need to take in order to reach an optimal balance of work time and downtime.

Use A Time Log– Record the duration and time period of every single activity for a week. This will give you an overview to better determine if your life is balanced or not.

Set Your Priorities– Jolt down a list of activities that are essential and assign reasonable time limits to them. This form of time management encourages a more mindful approach to task completion.

Create A Goal– When you decide to allocate only 8 or 9 hours for work, it literally seems easier to spread out work-related activities within that duration in a more even and efficient manner.

Create More Schedules– You waste less time and spend more time doing what you should, so keep things moving smoothly by creating a weekday, weekend and holiday schedule.

Be Realistic– If you need quiet time at night to fulfil family obligations, then be direct and do not hide this information from your superiors. Justify well-defined boundaries to prevent work spillover.

Health Comes First– Schedule regular medical checkups to greatly minimize the frequency of bodily discomforts or illnesses; These can cause a huge amount of work to pile up while you are recovering.

Value Your Relationships– If career demands are causing your personal relationships to break down, then it is a clear sign that working life is starting to creep into your personal life.

Create ‘You’ Time– Commit at least a few hours per day to yourself. Use that time to refresh yourself mentally or de-stress by indulging in favourite hobbies.

Work Is Work– And personal time is personal. Refrain from doing personal activities at work and
‘pushing’ unfinished work back home. This will throw your life off track and create chaotic feelings.

Negotiate Your Options– Inquire regarding workplace policies and special agreements, such as flex time or working from home. Alternatively, consider setting compromises and defining boundaries.

Do Not Wait– Why work later when you can work now? Efficient time management can decrease stress and induce timeliness. You will also have more time to carry out tasks at your own pace.

Seek Out help– The moment you feel overwhelmed at work, is the time you need to see your superior. Delaying for too long only leads to blame and misunderstanding that will cause even more stress.

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