Membership Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement

  • “Masons Classic Membership” refers to the member exclusive service provided by Masons Health Sdn. Bhd. for Masons Classic Membership account holders. This Agreement is made and agreed to between you and the company.
  • The terms and conditions outlined within are governed by the laws of Malaysia and any member shall defer to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia in the event of disputes.



  • You confirm that you understand & accept all the terms & conditions contained within this agreement upon Membership registration.
  • You agree that the company reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time & without any prior notice, at the company’s sole discretion. Any amendments posted to the company’s website shall be done without prior or separate notice.
  • If you do not agree to the declarations outlined above, then you should not register for a Masons Classic Membership.

About Masons Classic Membership

Member service: The Masons Classic Membership offered by the company includes:

  • Point accumulation- Points will be awarded with purchase of any products in Masons branch.
  • Point validity- Member rewards will be forfeited and all points will be voided if there is no transaction within 1 year.
  • Other member-exclusive benefits in the event when goods redeemed with points are deemed as defective and returned to the company, an original copy of any valid receipts need to be presented as proof.
  • Redeemed goods are subject to the terms & conditions which govern the returning of goods.
  • Any points deducted that is used to redeem the defective good will not be refunded.
  • The company reserves the right to suspend or complete/partially limit the functions of a Masons Classic Membership, or offer new service features to it. Your continued usage of the Masons Classic Membership will be deemed as acceptance of this agreement and the revised agreement.
  • The Masons Classic Membership may be completely unavailable for certain causes that are beyond the company’s reasonable control. The company will not be held liable for any losses or damage incurred due to unavailability of Masons Classic Membership features.
  • Point accumulation is not valid for backdated receipts, special savings, offers, bulk purchases unless stated.

Masons Classic Members Details

  • You agree to provide information as required to register for the Membership. You agree that the information submitted is accurate, current, complete and get be use by Wellings group.
  • If the company suspects that any information provided by you is inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the company reserves the right to suspend, terminate or limit, in part or in full, the membership for you. Any indirect or direct expenses incurred for reasons aforementioned shall be borne by you instead of the company.
  • In the event that the service does not function as intended or cause mistakes due to your inability to update your personal information, then you shall bear the full consequences. The company will not be liable for any responsibility.
  • Your Masons Classic Membership account cannot be transferred, gifted to others or inherited from a previous member.
  • Should you lose all or part of the capacity for civil rights or civil conduct, the company reserves the right to terminate your Masons Classic Membership or use it as valid legal documentation (including without limitation to effective court verdict, will, etc.).
  • You agree that you will not reveal any information pertaining to your Masons Classic Membership to others, nor will you use a Masons Classic Membership account of another member.
  • Should you find your Masons Classic Membership account used without permission or misappropriated, you shall notify the company immediately & effectively, and request suspension of your Masons Classic Membership. You agree that you understand the company needs a reasonable amount of time to process your request. The company will not be liable for any executed instructions and (or) losses incurred to you prior to the confirmation of your suspension request.

Points Redemption

  • With use of the Masons Classic Membership service, points will be given through purchase of each product from Masons branch. Each membership point is counted as RM1.
  • Points are not counted as a form of property. Therefore they are not counted as property over which you may exercise your full rights of possession. The company has the sole discretion to adjust the point value or amend relevant provisions relating to points redemption without your prior consent.
  • You are entitled only to convert the points granted into selected services or products as deemed appropriate by the company.
  • Fraud, misuse, or other misconduct related to the acquisition or usage of points may result in termination or restriction of your points or prevent you from utilizing your accumulated points.

Restriction on the Usage of Masons Classic Membership

  • You shall use the Masons Classic Membership account in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of Malaysia. You shall not apply the membership account to any illegal purchases (like the trading of prohibited or restricted items).
  • You shall not engage in behavior infringing the legal interests of others while you use the Masons Classic Membership. Failure to do so will cause you to assume the legal responsibility entailed and be held liable for compensation if the rights and interests of the company and its employees become impaired as a result.
  • You understand that it is a breach of the terms of agreement if the company has evidence that your friends, family or any other representative has used your membership account to redeem vouchers or any benefits on your behalf. The company shall not be liable for the loss of points or rewards that was caused by such behavior, and reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member at its sole discretion.
  • You understand and agree that the company may suspend or terminate the service in any of the following circumstances and is not liable to compensate for any loss, damage or expense accrued:

The violation of other provisions stipulated within this agreement.

– Illegal conduct/transactions.
– For any other reason that breaches the law if deemed necessary.