Masons Classic Membership FAQ - Wellings
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1.Can I apply Masons Classic Membership via online?
A: No, currently Masons Classic Membership does not provide any online registration, but we do accept registration through phone call (Mason’s HQ – +60169251628) to our customer service, they will assist you on the procedure of membership registration.


2. How many types of members does Masons have?
A: Masons currently has Classic membership The membership details are listed below:



3.I had an account in Masons, will it be carry forward to Masons Classic Membership Program?
A: Yes, all customers who have created an account inMasons will become our Classic member but the point accumulation is not valid for backdated receipts or transactions.


4. Can I apply Masons Classic Membership at any Wellings branches?
A: No, Masons Classic Membership is only subjected to Masons branch.


5. What if I found out that my member details are inaccurate, not current or incomplete?
A: Upon completion of the registration form, you have agreed on information that written on the membership registration form is accurate, current and complete. If the company suspects that any information provided by you is inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the company reserves the right to suspend, terminate or limit, in part or in full, the membership for you.


Account Maintenance


6. How do I update my member details?
A: You can update your details at cashier counter in Masons


Masons Classic Member Details


7. Will I be able to enjoy all member benefits instantly upon sign-up?
A: Yes, you may start to accumulate points and enjoy member’s privileges immediately.


8. When can I redeem and use my birthday treats as I am an Masons Classic Member?
A: You can redeem your birthday treats during your birthday month.e.g. your birthday is on 15 September, you can redeem your birthday treat starting from 1 September to 30 September


9. Where can I redeem my birthday treats?
A: You can redeem your birthday treats at cashier counter at Masonsbranch during your birthday month.


10. What do I get for my birthday treats?
A:You will receive 1x free Soft Plus Skin Analysis (worth RM68) from Masons branch.


11. May I know if Masons will inform Masons Classic Members to redeem their birthday treats?
A: No, Masons Classic Members are required to redeem birthday treats by themselves without prior notification.


12. Can I redeem my birthday treats and use it later after my birthday month?
A: No, you can only redeem and utilize the birthday treats within your birthday month.


13. Does my Masons Classic Membership have a validity period?
A: Masons Classic Membership has no validity period, as it is a lifetime membership.


14. Do points expire on the Masons Classic membership?
A: Yes. Masons Classic Member’s rewards will be forfeited and all points will be voided if there is no transaction within 1
E.g. points earned in September 2019 will expire on 30 September 2020.


15. Is it possible to merge the points accumulated in the Masons Classic Membership owned separately by me and my friend?
A: The Masons Classic Membership is designated for individual use by the respective member only. No merging or transfer of points from different Masons Classic Member is allowed.


16. How do I earn points?
A: For Masons Classic Member, you can get 1 Point for every RM1 spent.


17. How can I check points earned?
A: You can check at the bottom of transaction receipt stated as “Accumulated Points” or you can check your points earned at cashier counter.


18. Are points granted according to the total amount settled in each purchase or the aggregated amount of several purchases?
A: Points earned are based on the total amount settled in each purchase. Accumulation of receipts for points issuance is not allowed,g. if you are Masons Classic Member and spent RM10.50 for a certain purchase (10 points earned), and after the transaction is settled, you spend RM10.50 for another purchase (10 points earned), the total points accrued from the both purchases should be 20 rather than 21.


19. What can I do with the points earned?
A: Points can be redeemed at Masons branch at the conversion rate of 250 points = RM2 You may also keep accumulated points through several purchases and redeem goods of higher value at a later time. You may convert points to redeem selected services or products.


20. What is the minimum point redemption?
A: Points must be redeemed in minimum blocks of 250 points = RM25 with no maximum limit.


Privacy Policy


21. Are there any privacy protection measures for my personal information submitted?
A: All personal data submitted will be kept highly confidential secured. Your contact information will be used by solely by Masons for promotional purposes only.


22. May I share my Masons Classic membership with others for member benefits?
A: We do not encourage sharing of your Masons Classic Member to prevent cases of misappropriation of use. Masons shall not be liable for the loss of points or rewards that was caused by such behavior.