Lifestyle Choices That Are Hurting Your Heart (World Heart Day)

Lifestyle Choices That Are Hurting Your Heart (World Heart Day)

Cardiovascular diseases tend to happen when we least expect it. More often than not, heart complications are a product of our lifestyle choices. In conjunction with International World Heart Day, Wellings Pharmacy aims to help you understand about several key triggers of cardiovascular failure & avoid them to prolong the lifespan of your heart:   


#Lifestyle 1: You Sit All Day- Being immobile for hours has a big effect on blood flow. When blood doesn’t flow smoothly, it increases the chances for a stroke or heart attack to occur. 


#Lifestyle 2: You Leave Negative Emotions Unchecked- Severe depression and accumulated stress may trigger a heart attack, as medical findings state a strong co-relation between mental health & heart disorders.


#Lifestyle 3: You Ignore Snoring- Frequent or strong snoring may be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a breathing disorder that may also include high blood pressure as one of its symptoms. 


#Lifestyle 4: You Are A Loner- Being withdrawn and having no friends to support you may lead to a more fragile mental state, which could have a noticeable effect on cardiovascular health as the body ages.


#Lifestyle 5: You Delay Exercise- If you have ‘Weekend Warrior’ syndrome, one of the more serious injuries is heart failure, due to a lot of high-intensity activity done within a short span of time.  


#Lifestyle 6: You Drink Too Much Alcohol- Overindulging in alcoholic drinks does lead to higher blood pressure and a lot more calories that your heart will struggle to cope with. 


#Lifestyle 7: You Ignore Checkups- Heart disease symptoms can go unnoticed in their early stages and only cause minor annoyances in life. Do get assessed by a doctor to understand the real health risks.  


#Lifestyle 8: You Eat A Lot Of Red Meat- Red meat is high in saturated fat, so aim to indulge sparingly and exercise frequently if you have been consuming a significant amount at any particular time. 


#Lifestyle 9: You Are Exposed To Smoke- Social smokers can do a lot of harm to their heart as the damage adds up for a lifetime. Passive smokers also risk cardiovascular complications due to secondhand smoke. 


#Lifestyle 10: You Skip Medications- If you are undergoing treatment for high blood pressure, never skip medications even when you feel fine, as this disrupts the treatment progress. 


#Lifestyle 11: You Skip Eating Fruits & Vegetables- Fruits and vegetables are filled with organ protecting antioxidants and nutrients. Your body will be deprived of those nutrients if most of your diet consists of meat. 


#Lifestyle 12: You Ignore Symptoms- If you have been noticing recurring pains, discomforts or a sudden change in stamina, then it is time to pay attention and consult a doctor to make sure that it is nothing serious.


#Lifestyle 13: You Love Salt- High sodium intake raises blood pressure levels. Avoid processed and packaged food to ensure that you are not unintentionally consuming more salt than your body requires. 


#Lifestyle 14: You Consume Junk Food- Regular consumption of ‘empty calories’ contribute very little to your overall health, but increases your odds of developing heart issues in the future.  


Based on the lifestyle choices above, we truly hope that you will consider adopting healthier lifestyle choices not just for a healthy cardiovascular system, but for a good overall physical condition which will increase the lifespan and quality of your living years. 


Happy International World Heart Day and remember to love yourself! – Wellings Pharmacy



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