Live a Better Life With”Lagom”

Life is simpler when you try to find a middle ground. Such is the underlying principle of “Lagom” (The Swedish word for “Just Right”). Strive for a lifestyle of moderation and your problems will become more manageable. Here are some ways on how you can regain your balance in life:

De-clutter To Make Room for Happiness- Live with what you need at home and avoid purchases which you will not use in the long term. Consider selling or giving away your unused belongings, so you will have more space to keep the items which will really enrich your daily life.

Social Circle, Not Social Club- Focus on creating meaningful friendships. You can’t please everyone by yourself, so only go the extra mile to become close with people who will appreciate it. Don’t burn yourself out by focusing on shallow relationships.

Work-Life Balance Matters- It is worth repeating that you can’t be happy if you make no effort to allow time for yourself. In the pursuit of career enrichment, never forgot to stop and appreciate the other pleasures of life.

Be The Moderator of Your own lifestyle- Acknowledging that you are the most important person of your own life is essential to understanding balance. This realization creates a sense of importance and responsibility which will inspire you to evaluate issues with a calm mind.

There are many more ways we incorporate “Lagom” into our lives, but these four aspects are good starting points. Change comes with time, so start out slow and see for yourself that there is always a silver lining behind each problem.

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