How to Examine if Your Scalp is Healthy or Damaged?

How to Examine if Your Scalp is Healthy or Damaged?

Changes in your body’s hormones, immune system and metabolism are reflected by the changes in the growth, thickness and quantity of your hair, and the condition of your scalp. Improper care towards your hair health also results in micro-bacterial infection and other scalp conditions. If you are unsure whether you are just having a bad hair day – or possibly facing a more serious health issue, read below to analyze if your scalp is (or is not) actually damaged:

You shed more hair than usual – Most of the time, hair loss and balding is caused by hormonal imbalances or genetic predispositions. However, hair loss which is accompanied by scalp itching, bumps or flaking could signal trouble – with possibilities of developing:

  • Folliculitis (caused by staph bacteria or fungi, which causes small itchy bumps and temporary hair loss)
  • Lichen Planopilaris (redness, scaling, burning sensation, blisters, patches of hair loss)
  • Psoriasis (dry scales on scalp, inflammation and hair loss from excessive scratching or scale-peeling)
  • Tinea capitis (ring worm) (dry scaly rash, black bumpy dots with hair breakage)

Aside from scalp itching and other uncomfortable sensations, alopecia areata can cause chunks of hair to fall out which results in circular bald patches. This scalp condition occurs mostly among individuals with a family history of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes, whereby one’s poor immune system affects healthy hair follicles

Your hair is very greasy – A healthy scalp produces natural sebum to protect your scalp from loss of moisture.  Too much sebum however can cause greasiness, which invites bacteria and fungi to proliferate and result in scalp diseases. The best way to avoid greasiness is by consulting a professional beautician or hair stylist on which shampoo will help to cleanse without over-stripping your scalp’s natural oils. Proper hair exfoliation and avoiding styling products-to-scalp contact will also prevent scalp greasiness.

Your scalp is dry and itchy – Insufficient production of natural sebum on your scalp causes dryness and itchiness, which may lead to dandruff, hair thinning and scalp sensitivity. Moreover, lack of sebum will speed up the aging process of your scalp – resulting in wrinkly scalp! In order to combat this condition, it is advisable to switch to a gentler shampoo which is free of alcohol and sulfate. Regular in-salon treatments (such as collagen deep moisturizing mask treatment and scalp microneedling) also help to improve blood circulation and restore nutrients back to the scalp, thus minimizing scalp dryness.

Your dandruff is yellow – White dandruff are caused by itchy dry scalp, however, yellow dandruff that are greasy and stick to your hair is normally caused by Malassezia, a microorganism that feeds on natural scalp oils. This bacterial infection requires immediate treatment with shampoos that contain ketaconazole or selenium sulfide.

Your scalp feels painful and is reddish – Three common causes of reddish scalps are allergy, irritation and sun damage. Cutting out harsh hair products such as bleach, minoxidil and hair products containing propylene glycol can minimize further damages onto your scalp. It is also crucial to select hair dyes with less toxic chemicals to prevent scalp sensitivity.

At Wellings Pharmacy, we have many choices of hair care products for you to choose from! Our bestselling hair care brands, Davines and Kumano Yushi, help to repair and nourish weakened and sensitive scalp while promoting healthier hair growth and minimizing hair loss. Additionally, we recommend that you undergo a scalp scan if you have any of the following symptoms to determine the most suitable treatment for your scalp condition.




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