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Wellings Pharmacy has been a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry and medical tourism, with the dual aim of serving the wellness needs of the people and utilizing holistic applications to encourage the adoption of the healthier lifestyle option.

Over the past 10 years, we expanded more than three times in retail outlet size becoming the largest pharmacy in Penang. We are equipped with a total staff size of 100, every employee is well trained and always ready to provide professional service to every customer. We continually challenge and innovate in becoming the leader in this industry.

We are creating a new brand experience that positions Wellings Pharmacy as “Lifestyle Pharmacy”, a new position in this marketplace by combining trendy, lifestyle and health. We are now taking a more proactive role in health and wellness, becoming an integral component of the healthy living lifestyle.

Wellings Shine

Driven by the desire to ensure the wellness of every customer we serve, Wellings Shine is now open and ready to meet your aftercare needs!

At Wellings Shine, we will strive to answer any concerns about rehabilitative care accessories and offer expert advice about correct product usage in accordance to the health needs of every individual.

Our stock includes, but is not limited to the following product categories:
– Mobility Aid (Crutches, Canes, Walkers, Motorized / Motorized Wheelchairs)
– Orthopaedic Support (Support gear for limb injuries)
– Hospital Equipment (Beds, Commode Chairs, Single Use / Re-usable items)

We commit ourselves to providing a diverse line-up of after care products from leading brands, for individuals of all ages and at affordable price ranges.

Do stop by and check out what our new store has to offer you! Just approach any of our friendly staff for any further enquiries and they will answer to the best of their abilities.


Wellings Mini

Because we understand how important time is to everyone, Wellings Mini opens its doors early for those who would take the initiative to prioritize their health. We offer affordable medication with a smile from as early as 7.30am daily, since earlier is always better whenever health is involved!

Our products include:

  • Over the counter medication
  • Soothing balms & ointments
  • A selection of orthopedic accessories
  • Organic foods & drinks
  • Vitamins, Supplements and more….

Are you an early bird? Then please do visit our Mini outlet soon, because our friendly staff would be glad to help make your life more fulfilling!    

Wellings Rock

Wellings Rock is our newest sub-branch launched in 2019. We are located at Georgetown – also known as the “Heart of Penang” – hence bringing our pharmacy closer to customers stationed around the central region of Penang island. Our Red Rock branch is opened every Monday – Saturday (excluding Sundays and public holidays) from 8.00am – 9.00pm.

List of available products at Wellings Rock include:

  • Over the counter medication
  • Balms and ointments
  • Selected orthopedic devices
  • Various healthcare supplements

If our main branch and Wellings Mini (both located at Pulau Tikus) is too far for you, why not visit Wellings Rock? Remember, your own health is always a priority and never an option!

Masons by Wellings Building

Masons by Wellings

Masons by Wellings is our Penang-based skincare concept outlet – and also the sister company of Wellings Pharmacy – that focuses primarily on skin care, beauty and wellness. At Masons, we aspire all our visitors to enjoy the following specialties:

  • Pharmacist-handpicked skincare, aromatherapy and scents
  • Freshly-brewed beverages and desserts from Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters (Macalister Hotel)
  • FREE aromatheraphy hand scrub massage
  • Expert skin hydration analysis

Come and rejuvenate your skin and soul at our little skincare paradise!

(Click HERE for more details about Masons by Wellings)

Work With Us

Wellings Pharmacy aims to always be at the forefront of enriching lifestyles and are passionate advocates of revolutionizing local pharmaceutical care. Our pledge is to offer holistic care and advice to anyone who seeks out our assistance. We need YOUR help to accomplish this monumental task, so do join our GREAT family which stands for:  


Because we owe years of success to a society who believes in us & all the hardworking staff who have blessed us with a smooth business    


We cultivate an empathetic mindset & show sensitivity to the feelings of others as we want to portray our caring attitude


Life may have its ups & downs, but we will always perform our duties passionately and diligently troubleshoot problems to reflect our commitment to serve


We not only celebrate major successes, but also the tiniest improvements because we bring out the best in our staff through constant motivation & encouragement


The efforts of many have paved a brighter future for us throughout the years, and so we continue to enforce this sense of unity with a belief that it will keep us growing

Interested in becoming a member of our exciting family? Then send your resume and personal contacts to wellingshr@gmail.com  

Friends of Wellings

Wellings Pharmacy has been a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry and medical tourism, with the dual aim of serving the wellness needs of the people and utilizing holistic applications to encourage the adoption of the healthier lifestyle option.

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