Coronavirus Update (Live) – Where to Get the Latest Updates on Covid-19

Coronavirus Update (Live) – Where to Get the Latest Updates on Covid-19

While social media brings us closer to the ones we love, online audiences are also prone to the exposure of fake news. In this post, we will be sharing the credible website resources on where you can the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) live.

World Health Organization (WHO)who-covid19-stats

The LIVE update from the World Health Organization shows the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths sorted by countries/ areas or territories. View the live statistics here.


Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)

MOH-coronavirus-liveFor the locals residing in Malaysia and travelers who are currently based here, one of the credible resources on the Corovirus update is the official portal from the Ministry of Health Malaysia. We also advise sharing only confirmed news and updates from their social media if necessary. View the latest updates and press conferences here.


The Wuhan Virus


Created by a team of students, The Wuhan Virus website compiles all the latest updates on the Covid-19 cases with live feed from the news media. View the website here.


Additional Updates: Covid-19 in Malaysia

malaysiakini-covid19MalaysiaKini published a live news lab on the latest Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. Information on patient age, location, transmission sources, and latest status (In treatment, discharged etc) can be found on the website here.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 situation, you can follow the Ministry of Health Malaysia or World Health Organization on Twitter and Facebook. For cybersecurity purposes, do not attempt to download and run any strange files that you receive from unknown sources.