Best Ways To Heal Damaged Skin

Best Ways To Heal Damaged Skin

Skin damage is an inevitable part of life for the most of us. Despite our best efforts, we will still experience the occasional blemish on our face. However, the good news is that most imperfections can be repaired if we follow these skincare guidelines:

1. Understand the Causes– Prevention is always better than cure, so here are a list of causes to avoid:

    • Sun exposure
    • Environmental changes (Strong winds, rain, heat & extreme colds)
    • Pollution
    • Dehydration
    • Smoke
    • Household cleaning products
    • Poor dietary routine
    • Inactive lifestyle
    • Binge drinking
    • Excessive stress
    • Chlorinated pool water
    • Injuries or skin infections

2. Consume Vitamin-C– Citrus fruits, green vegetables and peppers are common foods that have higher vitamin-C content to boost collagen production.

3. Load Up With Protein– A bit of fish, lean meats, eggs or tofu provides just enough protein to build your skin cells and hasten the recovery process of wounded skin.

4. Incorporate Zinc– Zinc acts as a nutrient that helps the body to better absorb protein, and is abundant in shellfishes, legumes, whole grains & dark chocolate.

5. Consume Omega 3 with High EPA content– All omega 3 supplements contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that helps to regulate oil production to prevent acne growth, improves skin hydration and contain anti-inflammatory properties. EPA also inhibits UV-induced enzymes which contribute to skin wrinkling and sagging. A study conducted by The Acne Treatment Centre has discovered that at least 1000 mg of EPA a day is necessary to reduce inflammation.

6. Omit Junk Food– Closely monitor your junk food intake, as the ingredients are bad for your skin & may lead to premature aging. The high sugar and oil content in junk food are the main culprits of acne, deeper wrinkles and other skin problems.

7. Stay Hydrated– It is worth repeating that getting adequate amounts of water keeps your skin cells active and gives it a more radiant glow. Hydration also reduces body heat, thus preventing acne breakouts.

8. Monitor Ingredients– Always screen your food and cleaning products for questionable chemicals. Long term usage of these items can cause the quality of your skin to drop overtime.

Although most of us purchase different types of skincare products to look after our complexion, we tend to overlook other natural ingredients that we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Hence remember, you are what you eat!



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