Best Tips For Menstrual Hygiene

Best Tips For Menstrual Hygiene

Cleaning up after menstruation is both a natural & essential habit every healthy female ought to practice. Proper hygiene rules can ensure that the discomfort & complications which follow after each period are kept to a minimum, so every woman ought to keep these steps in mind:  

1.Use Proper Sanitation
Tampons & sanitary napkins are medically certified to help females control their menstrual flow. Remember to find the brand that works for you & stick with it for the best results.  

2. Change Often
Menstrual blood is no longer sterile once it is out of the body. Talk to your gynecologist & establish a fixed ‘changing’ schedule to decrease the likelihood of infections & rashes occurring. 

3. Shower Frequently
Dried menstrual fluid can get caught around the tiny folds of the female area. It is strongly recommended to clean the genital region properly while showering to prevent odor buildup.    

4. Keep It Outside
Vaginal cleaning soaps are always for use externally. Wash the outer genital region clean and rinse the inside with water in order to preserve good bacteria

5. Wash Correctly
Always cleanse your pubic region from the vagina to the anus. Bacteria that is common to the anus may cause a painful urinary tract infection if this method isn’t observed. 

6. Discard Waste Properly
Discard your used napkins & tampons as instructed to prevent infections. Never re-use a sanitary item & always wash your hands clean to prevent cross-contamination.

7. Monitor Your Rash
During heavy periods, the area may develop a rash. Consult a professional immediately & start washing the area more frequently once the irritation starts to develop. 

8. Don’t Over Sanitize
Only use one type of sanitary item at a time. Using two tampons or napkins at once is not only uncomfortable but may also cause you to mistake a used pad for a barely used one. 

9. Keep Your Items on Standby
Always assume that you will need to change your sanitary items soon. Store extra tampons or napkins in a sterile container or bag that you can bring with you at all times.

At Wellings, we encourage both our female blog readers and customers to look after their lady parts well for a healthier and hygienic lifestyle in the long run.

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