15 Painfully Funny Period Comics Only Ladies Will Understand

15 Painfully Funny Period Comics Only Ladies Will Understand

To all the women out there, you are amazing for being you. So, we want to make sure that the world knows what you are going through, period-wise precisely. We have compiled a funny, yet painfully accurate list of period comics that we know you can relate!

#1. Seriously, from the waist down? DEAD.


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#2. No. The gift of breasts does not make it up for the period torture we have to go through.


Source: Sarah C. Andersen


#3. Hello Niagara Falls!


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#4.  Don’t. Piss. Us. Off.


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#5.  Every single time we are not ready for a baby, it means war with our uterusfunny-period-comics-5

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#6. I’m fine. I’m TOTALLY FINE…


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#7. Don’t ask us why. We don’t even know why.


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#8. Oh, you have a gorgeous Victoria Secret’s panties? Say goodbye to that.


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#9. This is why we need those days off. So we don’t bite your head, really.funny-period-comics-9

Source: Sarah C. Andersen


#10. The emotional roller coaster is very real


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#11. Do people even know how much space the pads/tamps take in our luggage bag? funny-period-comics-11

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#12. Are there any ways men can know how uncomfortable menstruation is? The cramps, the acne flare, the backache etc


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#13. In the end, it’s worth it


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#14. The hidden map of Menstrual Island, where the attractions are subject to changes every month (or every minute!)


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#15. This must-have crossed every woman’s mind at least once (though we know it’s probably every month)


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